Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism

In this post, I wish to introduce the Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism (JGRChJ) to authors and scholars who may wish to publish their work on any subject related to Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism. I especially wish to invite future, potential authors (as well as interested scholars) to survey and read past articles of the journal before submitting their manuscripts to JGRChJ. Doing this will provide information on the scholars who have published work in JGRChJ and the kinds and quality of articles the journal publishes. An examination of the journal should also provide assurance that your article is in good company with like-minded scholars who aim for serious scholarship and who contribute new and innovative ideas and studies in the area of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism.

jgrchjUnlike other journals, JGRChJ considers a wide-range of articles for publication as long as they meet the scope, standards and requirements of the journal. With its first volume published in 2000, the journal has since been at the forefront of publishing top-tier articles in its on-going attempt to move beyond the practices of conventional journals by encouraging contributions that draw upon various areas of related knowledge and disciplines. This ensures the commitment of JGRChJ to academic excellence and equitable refereeing of articles that it publishes. Below is the information needed for submitting articles, book reviews and review articles to the journal. Queries and correspondence may be addressed to the journal’s Senior Editor, Stanley E. Porter, at, or the Managing Editor, Hughson T. Ong, at

JGRChJ publishes refereed articles that examine the broad range of texts and the culturally diverse society and languages of the Greco-Roman world of early Christianity and Judaism. The journal searches for articles that focus upon approaches, theories and methods and bodies of material, including (but not limited to) historical, socio-cultural, linguistic, literary, papyrological, epigraphical and synthetic studies. Accepted articles are first posted online via our website (, followed by print publication which is routinely available in the third- or fourth-quarter of each calendar year. Article PDFs of the current volume can be accessed online and downloaded for free, but once its print publication is released, only their titles and abstracts are available online. The journal can also be accessed via the ATLA Religion Database, and many educational institutions and libraries also carry JGRChJ in their journal collections. Authors of articles receive a complimentary copy of the printed journal volume where their article appears.

JGRChJ also publishes book reviews and review articles. We are unfortunately unable to send out books for review, but gladly receive and publish suitable reviews of recent scholarly books. Prospective reviewers should contact either the Senior Editor of the Managing Editor regarding particular books. Reviews are posted exclusively online via our website (, but review articles may appear both in the print publication and online. Review articles provide scholarly assessment of a group of books on a common topic or subject of interest.

It is important to note the journal’s practice of publishing only the highest quality articles and the relatively quick turn-around for a refereed journal. Our timely, yearly print publication of each volume of the journal, as well as the close to 100 articles published since its inception, attest to the high standard of JGRChJ and, consequently, to how its published articles have contributed to scholarship in the study of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism. The international team of scholars from North America and Europe on its editorial advisory panel, and the partnership with Sheffield Phoenix Press (the publishing company of the journal), help to ensure and maintain the standards of the journal. The journal continues to invite authors and scholars to consider JGRChJ as their primary outlet for substantial and expert work in the areas of the journal’s purview.

— Hughson T. Ong

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