Does Greek Grammar Argue Against Women Theology Teachers?

We recently had a question posed to us at D33 and we thought we would share it and our answer with you. The person asked about the following line of argumentation for prohibiting women from teaching in the church. She heard it claimed that the word for “teacher” in Greek (διδάσκαλος) never appears in the […]

Secularism and the Pursuit of Transcendence

The bloggers at D33 are excited about an upcoming conference this Thursday, April 27, at McMaster Divinity College called Secularism and the Pursuit of Transcendence: A Church and Culture Conference. From the website: We live in what has been called “a secular age.” What are the implications of secularism for the pursuit of transcendence? Is […]

Book Announcement: Origins of New Testament Christology

Stanley Porter (my co-blogger) and Bryan Dyer (my friend and colleague) have just published a New Testament Christology, entitled Origins of New Testament Christology (Baker, 2023). There have not been nearly as many New Testament Christologies published compared to other kinds of books in New Testament studies—which is surprising since Christology is a very important […]

In Memoriam: Anthony C. Thiselton

Anthony Charles Thiselton (13 July 1937—7 February 2023) was a New Testament theologian and scholar, as well as an Anglican priest, who is most known for his work in hermeneutics and New Testament theology. Having grown up in England, he received a BD and MTh from King’s College London, and a PhD from the University […]

Mourning the Loss of David J. A. Clines

We are sad to hear of the death of Professor David J. A. Clines at the age of 84 (1938–2022). David made a sustained contribution to biblical studies over the course of over five decades. Many biblical scholars, especially Old Testament scholars, will know Clines from his identification with the Biblical Studies department at the […]

Tribute to E.P. Sanders

Ed Parish Sanders (April 18, 1937—November 21, 2022) recently passed away at the age of 85, peacefully in his home in Durham, North Carolina. Sanders was born in Grand Prairie, Texas, was a high school football player (as a good Texan), and earned degrees from Texas Wesleyan College in Fort Worth (1955–1959), the Perkins School […]

Book Announcement: Porter, New Testament Theology and the Greek Language

Book Announcement: Porter, New Testament Theology and the Greek Language We are announcing a recently published book by Stanley E. Porter, New Testament Theology and the Greek Language: A Linguistic Reconceptualization (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022). One might wonder what theology has to do with linguistics, especially since James Barr has warned us about theologizing […]

ETS/SBL Denver 2022 Recap

This was the first year in several years that both of us at D33 were able to attend the ETS (Evangelical Theological Society) and SBL (Society of Biblical Literature) Annual Meetings in person, with IBR (Institute for Biblical Research) in between. This year the conferences were held in Denver, Colorado. As expected, it was an […]

Book Announcement: Porter and Laird, Five Views on the NT Canon

We want to highlight a recent book that has been published on the New Testament Canon. It is a part of the Viewpoints series published by Kregel, edited by Stanley E. Porter and Benjamin P. Laird. The blurb on Kregel’s website states: A feature not mentioned in this description is that the editors provide both […]

Recent Publications in the Linguistic Biblical Studies Series by Brill

Linguistic Biblical Studies is one of the (if not the) leading monograph series that publishes in biblical linguistics, focusing on linguistically informed study of the Bible in its original languages. A variety of approaches are welcomed for submission and published in the series: “syntax, semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis and text linguistics, corpus linguistics, cognitive linguistics, […]