Book Highlight: The Handbook of the Study of the Historical Jesus (PB at $311 US)

81pQYxOFvaLIf you have $311 (USD) lying around and want to invest it in one of the most complete resources on historical Jesus studies, you will want to pick this up:

Tom Holmén and Stanley E. Porter (eds.), The Handbook of the Study of the Historical Jesus. 4 vols. Leiden: Brill, 2011. xxii, 3652 pp.

The deal is for the paperback version of this four-volume work; below is an outline of the four volumes and the chapters included in each volume.

Volume 1: How to Study the Historical Jesus
By: Tom Holmén and Stanley E. Porter
Pages: i–xxi

  • Contemporary Methodological Approaches How to Marginalize the Traditional Criteria of Authenticity
    By: Dale C Allison
    Pages: 1–30
  • Fourth Quest? What Did Jesus Really Want?
    By: Ernst Baasland
    Pages: 31–56
  • The Search for Jesus’ Special Profile
    By: Jürgen Becker
    Pages: 57–89
  • The Historical Jesus: How to Ask Questions and Remain Inquisitive
    By: James H. Charlesworth
    Pages: 91–128
    Method in a Critical Study of Jesus
    By: Bruce D. Chilton
    Pages: 129–158
  • Context and Text in Historical Jesus Methodology
    By: John Dominic Crossan
    Pages: 159–181
  • Remembering Jesus: How the Quest of the Historical Jesus Lost its Way
    By: James D. G. Dunn
    Pages: 183–205
  • Jesus-in-Context: A Relational Approach
    By: Richard A. Horsley
    Pages: 207–239
  • Sources, Methods and Discursive Locations in the Quest of the Historical Jesus
    By: John S. Kloppenborg
    Pages: 241–290
  • Basic Methodology in the Quest for the Historical Jesus
    By: John P. Meier
    Pages: 291–331
  • Jesus Research as Feedback on His Wirkungsgeschichte
    By: Petr Pokorný
    Pages: 333–359
  • The Role of Greek Language Criteria in Historical Jesus Research
    By: Stanley E. Porter
    Pages: 361–404
  • From the Messianic Teacher to the Gospels of Jesus Christ
    By: Rainer Riesner
    Pages: 405–446
  • The Gospel of the Historical Jesus
    By: James M. Robinson
    Pages: 447–474
  • Scholarly Rigor and Intuition in Historical Research into Jesus
    By: Jacques Schlosser
    Pages: 475–507
  • Critical Feminist Historical-Jesus Research
    By: Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza
    Pages: 509–548
  • Historical Scepticism and the Criteria of Jesus Research: My Attempt to Leap Over Lessing’s Ugly Wide Ditch
    By: Gerd Theissen
    Pages: 549–587
  • A Metalanguage for the Historical Jesus Methods: An Experiment
    By: Tom Holmén
    Pages: 589–616
  • Various Aspects of Historical Jesus Methodology With the Grain and against the Grain: A Strategy for Reading the Synoptic Gospels
    By: Colin Brown
    Pages: 617–648
  • Form Criticism and Jesus Research
    By: Arland J. Hultgren
    Pages: 649–671
  • Tradition Criticism and Jesus Research
    By: Grant R. Osborne
    Pages: 673–693
  • The Criteria of Authenticity
    By: Stanley E. Porter
    Pages: 695–714
  • Alternatives to Form and Tradition Criticism in Jesus Research
    By: Tobias Nicklas
    Pages: 715–742
  • Social-Scientific Approaches and Jesus Research
    By: Bruce J. Malina
    Pages: 743–775
  • New Literary Criticism and Jesus Research
    By: Elizabeth Struthers Malbon
    Pages: 777–807
  • Memory Theory and Jesus Research
    By: Alan Kirk
    Pages: 809–842
  • The Burden of Proof in Jesus Research
    By: Dagmar Winter
    Pages: 843–851

Volume 2: The Study of Jesus
By: Tom Holmén and Stanley E. Porter
Pages: i–xxi

  • The Ongoing Quest for the Historical Jesus The Quest of the Unhistorical Jesus and the Quest of the Historical Jesus
    By: Colin Brown
    Pages: 853–886
  • Futures for the Jesus Quests
    By: Bengt Holmberg
    Pages: 887–917
  • The Parable of the Goose and the Mirror: The Historical Jesus in the Theological Discipline
    By: Scot McKnight
    Pages: 919–951
  • Historical Jesus Research in Global Cultural Context
    By: Teresa Okure
    Pages: 953–984
  • Diverse Agendas at Work in the Jesus Quest
    By: Clive Marsh
    Pages: 985–1020
  • Jesus of Nazareth and the Christ of Faith: Approaches to the Question in Historical Jesus Research
    By: Sven-Olav Back
    Pages: 1021–1054
  • The Jesus Quest and Jewish-Christian Relations
    By: Donald A. Hagner
    Pages: 1055–1077
  • Historic Jesuses
    By: Cees den Heyer
    Pages: 1079–1101
  • Current Questions of Jesus Research Jesus and Cynicism
    By: F. Gerald Downing
    Pages: 1103–1136
  • Jesus and the Scriptures of Israel
    By: Steve Moyise
    Pages: 1137–1167
  • Implicit Christology and the Historical Jesus
    By: Edwin K. Broadhead
    Pages: 1169–1182
  • Jesus and the “Partings of the Ways”
    By: Michael F. Bird
    Pages: 1183–1215
  • Prophet, Sage, Healer, Messiah, and Martyr: Types and Identities of Jesus
    By: Craig A. Evans
    Pages: 1217–1243
  • Jesus im Licht der Qumrangemeinde
    By: Heinz-Wolfgang Kuhn
    Pages: 1245–1285
  • Jesus without Q
    By: Michael Goulder
    Pages: 1287–1311
  • Dispensing with the Priority of Mark
    By: David L. Dungan
    Pages: 1313–1342
  • The Role of Aramaic in Reconstructing the Teaching of Jesus
    By: Maurice Casey
    Pages: 1343–1375
  • The Quest for the Historical Jesus in Postmodern Perspective: A Hypothetical Argument
    By: Moisés Mayordomo and Peter-Ben Smit
    Pages: 1377–1409
  • Why Study the Historical Jesus?
    By: Colin Brown
    Pages: 1411–1438
  • Persisting Issues Adjacent to the Jesus Quest The Context of Jesus: Jewish and/or Hellenistic?
    By: Stanley E. Porter
    Pages: 1439–1463
  • Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Herodians
    By: Étienne Nodet
    Pages: 1495–1543
  • The Son of Man in Ancient Judaism
    By: John J. Collins
    Pages: 1545–1568
  • Jewish Apocalyptic and Apocalypticism
    By: Crispin Fletcher-Louis
    Pages: 1569–1607
  • Anti-Judaism and the New Testament
    By: Luke Timothy Johnson
    Pages: 1609–1638
  • The Writings of Josephus: Their Significance for New Testament Study
    By: Steve Mason
    Pages: 1639–1686
  • Rabbinic Writings in New Testament Research
    By: David Instone-Brewer
    Pages: 1687–1721
  • Synagogue and Sanhedrin in the First Century
    By: Lester L. Grabbe
    Pages: 1723–1745
  • Echoes from the Wilderness: The Historical John the Baptist
    By: Knut Backhaus
    Pages: 1747–1785
  • Historiographical Literature in the New Testament Period (1st and 2nd centuries CE)
    By: Eve-Marie Becker
    Pages: 1787–1817

Volume 3: The Historical Jesus
By: Tom Holmén and Stanley E. Porter
Pages: i–xxi

  • Jesus Tradition in Individual Documents The Historical Jesus in the Gospel of Mark
    By: Joanna Dewey
    Pages: 1819–1852
  • Jesus Tradition in non-Markan Material Common to Matthew and Luke
    By: Christopher Tuckett
    Pages: 1853–1874
  • The Special Material in Matthew’s Gospel
    By: C.P Donald Senior
    Pages: 1875–1899
    Restricted Access
  • Luke and Acts
    By: John Nolland
    Pages: 1901–1931
  • The Non-Synoptic Jesus: An Introduction to John, Paul, Thomas, and Other Outsiders of the Jesus Quest
    By: Michael Labahn
    Pages: 1933–1996
  • Jesus Tradition in the Gospel of John
    By: D. Moody Smith
    Pages: 1997–2039
  • Jesus Tradition in the Letters of the New Testament
    By: David Wenham
    Pages: 2041–2057
  • The Thomas-Jesus Connection
    By: Edwin K. Broadhead
    Pages: 2059–2080
  • Traditions about Jesus in Apocryphal Gospels (with the Exception of the Gospel of Thomas)
    By: Tobias Nicklas
    Pages: 2081–2118
  • “Jesus Tradition in Early Patristic Writings
    By: Riemer Roukema
    Pages: 2119–2147
  • Jesus Tradition in Classical and Jewish Writings
    By: Robert E. Van Voorst
    Pages: 2149–2180
  • Fundamentally About Jesus The Historicity of Jesus: How Do We Know That Jesus Existed?
    By: Samuel Byrskog
    Pages: 2181–2211
  • Background I: Jesus of History and the Topography of the Holy Land
    By: James H. Charlesworth
    Pages: 2213–2242
  • Background II: (Some) Literary Documents
    By: Martin McNamara
    Pages: 2243–2290
  • Background III: The Social and Political Climate in which Jesus of Nazareth Preached
    By: Wolfgang Stegemann
    Pages: 2291–2314
  • The Chronology of Jesus
    By: Harold W. Hoehner
    Pages: 2315–2359
  • The Birth of Jesus
    By: Richard T. France
    Pages: 2361–2382
  • The Death of Jesus
    By: Joel B. Green
    Pages: 2383–2408
  • The Resurrection of Jesus
    By: Pheme Perkins
    Pages: 2409–2432
  • Family, Friends, and Foes
    By: Joel B. Green
    Pages: 2433–2453
  • The Language(s) Jesus Spoke
    By: Stanley E. Porter
    Pages: 2455–2471
  • The Self-Understanding of Jesus
    By: Mathias Kreplin
    Pages: 2473–2516
  • The Message of Jesus I: Miracles, Continuing Controversies
    By: Graham H. Twelftree
    Pages: 2517–2548
  • The Message of Jesus II: Parables
    By: Arland J. Hultgren
    Pages: 2549–2571
    Restricted Access
  • Jesus and The Legacy of Israel Jesus and God
    By: Marianne Meye Thompson
    Pages: 2573–2596
  • Jesus and The Sabbath
    By: Sven-Olav Back
    Pages: 2597–2633
  • Jesus and the Temple
    By: Jostein Ådna
    Pages: 2635–2675
  • Jesus and the Shema
    By: Kim Huat Tan
    Pages: 2677–2707
  • Jesus and the Purity Paradigm
    By: Tom Holmén
    Pages: 2709–2744
  • Jesus and the Law
    By: William Loader
    Pages: 2745–2772
  • Jesus and the Holy Land
    By: Karen J. Wenell
    Pages: 2773–2799
  • Jesus and Sinners and Outcasts
    By: Bruce Chilton
    Pages: 2801–2833
  • Jesus and Israel’s Eschatological Constitution
    By: Steven M. Bryan
    Pages: 2835–2853
  • Jesus, Satan, and Company
    By: Darrell Bock
    Pages: 2855–2875
  • Jesus and Apocalypticism
    By: Crispin Fletcher-Louis
    Pages: 2877–2909

Volume 4: Individual Studies
By: Tom Holmén and Stanley E. Porter
Pages: i–xxi

  • The “Dark Side of Power”—Beelzebul: Manipulated or Manipulator? Reflections on the History of a Conflict in the Traces Left in the Memory of its Narrators
    By: Michael Labahn
    Pages: 2911–2945
  • Did Jesus Break the Fifth (Fourth) Commandment?
    By: Peter Balla
    Pages: 2947–2972
  • Did Jesus Stay at Bethsaida? Arguments from Ancient Texts and Archaeology for Bethsaida and et-Tell
    By: Heinz-Wolfgang Kuhn
    Pages: 2973–3021
  • Flawed Heroes and Stories Jesus Told: The One About a Man Wanting to Kill
    By: Charles W. Hedrick
    Pages: 3023–3056
  • Jesus and Magic: The Question of the Miracles
    By: Bernd Kollmann
    Pages: 3057–3085
  • Jesus and the Greeks: A Semiotic Reading of John 12:20–28
    By: Joseph Pathrapankal
    Pages: 3087–3104
  • Jesus and the Synagogue
    By: Graham H. Twelftree
    Pages: 3105–3134
  • Jesus and the Ten Words
    By: Hermut Loehr
    Pages: 3135–3154
  • Jesus as Moving Image: The Public Responsibility of the Historical Jesus Scholar in the Age of Film
    By: Clive Marsh
    Pages: 3155–3178
  • Jesus’ “Magic” from a Theodicean Perspective
    By: Tom Holmén
    Pages: 3179–3200
  • Jesus’ “Rhetoric”: The Rise and Fall of “The Kingdom of God”
    By: James M. Robinson
    Pages: 3201–3220
    Jewish Galilee
    By: Etienne Nodet
    Pages: 3221–3243
  • On Avoiding Bothersome Busyness: Q/Luke 12:22–31 in its Greco-Roman Context
    By: Gerald Downing
    Pages: 3245–3268
  • Poverty and Wealth in Jesus and the Jesus Tradition
    By: Heinz Giesen
    Pages: 3269–3303
  • The Question of the Baptists’ Disciples on Fasting (Matt 9:14–17; Mark 2:18–22; Luke 5:33–39)
    By: Rainer Riesner
    Pages: 3305–3347
  • Riddles, Wit, and Wisdom
    By: Tom Thatcher
    Pages: 3349–3372
  • Three Questions about the Life of Jesus
    By: Christian-Bernard Amphoux
    Pages: 3373–3408
  • Why Was Jesus Not Born in Nazareth?
    By: Armand Puig I Tàrrech
    Pages: 3409–3436
  • Words of Jesus in Paul: On the Theology and Praxis of the Jesus Tradition
    By: Petr Pokorný
    Pages: 3437–3467

Again, click here for the deal. You’re welcome.

— David I. Yoon

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