Book Announcement: Porter, Land, Pang (eds.), “Linguistics and the Bible”

PrintFinally, proceedings from the 2016 Bingham Colloquium, with the theme of “Linguistics and the Bible: Retrospects and Prospects,” has been published: Stanley E. Porter, Christopher D. Land, and Francis G.H. Pang (eds.), Linguistics and the Bible: Retrospects and Prospects (McMaster New Testament Studies Series 9; Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2019).

This book contains a collection of essays focused on (1) biblical linguistics, (2) biblical exegesis, and (3) biblical translation. The table of contents is as follows:

Introduction: A Retrospect and Some Prospects — Stanley E. Porter, Christopher D. Land, and Francis G.H. Pang

Part 1: Linguistics
1. Linguistics and Biblical Studies: An Ongoing Journey — Randall K. J. Tan
2. The Past, Present, and Future of the Opentext.Org Annotated Greek Corpus — Christopher D. Land and Francis G.H. Pang
3. Clause Structuring and Transitivity: Advantages of and Its Prospects — Chris S. Stevens
4. The Future of New Testament Lexicography: Remodeling Relational Semantics and Componential Analysis through Distributional Corpus Analysis — Ryder A. Wishart
5. The Limits of Linguistics: Subjectivity, Metaphysics, and the Interpretive Enterprise — David J. Fuller

Part 2: Translation and Exegesis
6. Key Terms, the Lexicon, and How Languages Accommodate Translation — Scott Berthiaume
7. The Human One? A Controversial CEB Translation Choice — Cynthia Long Westfall
8. What is the Relationship between Exegesis and Our Views of Greek, or Vice Versa? — Stanley E. Porter
9. The Benefits of Being an “Outsider”: Mark 4:12 as an Epexegetic Ἵνα Clause — Mark Proctor
10. What the Church Should Do to the Sexually Immoral Man: Examining the Ideational Meaning of 1 Corinthians 5 — Esther G. Cen

Although I have enjoyed all of the Bingham Colloquia that I have participated in, I especially enjoyed this one, as it had a special focus on biblical linguistics and its potential for exegesis and translation. It also marked one of the first events hosted by the Centre for Biblical Linguistics, Translation, and Exegesis.

The essays in this book not only provide the current state of various areas in biblical linguistics, but each contributor also attempts to move forward in their respective topics. At the price point of less than $30, it is a very accessible resource for students and teachers of biblical languages to utilize in their own study, research, and teaching.

— David I. Yoon

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