Guest Post: “Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism” and Submitting Articles

jgrchjAs many readers of this blog will know, one of the publishing endeavors of McMaster Divinity College is the Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism. JGRChJ is a relatively young journal, having just completed its twelfth issue, but it is already widely known as a venue for high quality New Testament scholarship.

One indication of its high standard is its editorial advisory panel, which includes scholars from some of the finest educational institutions in North America and Europe. Another is the list of distinguished scholars who have published their work in it: in addition to MDC’s Stanley Porter and Cynthia Westfall, as well as the other co-bloggers here, JGRChJ has featured articles from well-known scholars such as Craig Keener, Craig Evans, David Instone-Brewer, Lincoln Blummel, Nijay Gupta, Fredrick Long, William Varner, Martin Culy, John Goodrich, and John Granger Cook, among others.

JGRChJ is interested in acquiring and publishing articles related to all aspects of the New Testament and its Hellenistic and Jewish background. Papers incorporating advanced methodologies or interdisciplinary approaches are particularly welcome.

One substantial advantage that JGRChJ offers for authors is that the articles are first published online, allowing their ideas to be disseminated quickly, before each year’s full issue is released in hardcover. JGRChJ is also indexed in ATLAReligion, allowing its articles to be easily discovered and cited by other researchers.

Whether you are a tenured professor, doctoral student, or even an independent scholar, we are seeking relevant contributory work that others scholars might find helpful.

— David J. Fuller

Our guest writer David J. Fuller is the (new) Managing Editor of MDC Press and a PhD Candidate in Old Testament at McMaster Divinity College. He can be reached at

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