Book Announcement: Porter and Ong (eds.), The Origins of John’s Gospel (JOST 2; Brill)

This second volume in the Johannine Studies series by Brill contains various essays regarding the origins of John’s Gospel, including issues of authorship and dating, sources and traditions of John’s Gospel, its structure and composition, the Johannine community, and Johannine anti-Judaism and the Son of Man sayings. Two of the contributors to this blog, Stan and Hughson, are editors of the book, while all three of us are contributors. Stan has written on the dating of John, Hughson on the Johannine community, and Dave on the question of single/multiple authorship.

Table of Contents:

  • Stanley E. Porter and Hughson T. Ong, The Origins of John’s Gospel: An Introduction

Dating, Sources, and Traditions of John’s Gospel

  • Stanley E. Porter, The Date of John’s Gospel and Its Origins
  • Ilaria Ramelli, John the Evangelist’s Work: An Overlooked Redaktionsgeschichtliche Theory from the Patristic Age
  • Michael Labahn, “Secondary Orality” in the Gospel of John: A “Post-Gutenberg” Paradigm for Understanding the Relationship between Written Gospel Texts, Michael Labahn
  • Craig L. Blomberg, The Sayings of Jesus in Mark: Does Mark Ever Rely on a Pre-Johannine Tradition?

The Johannine Community

  • Hughson T. Ong, The Gospel from a Specific Community but for All Christians: Understanding the Johannine Community as a “Community of Practice”
  • Marc-André Argentino and Guy Bonneau, The Function of Social Conflict in the Gospel of John
  • Ruth Sheridan, Johannine Sectarianism: A Category Now Defunct?

Structure, Composition, and Authorship of John’s Gospel

  • Paul N. Anderson, On “Seamless Robes” and “Leftover Fragments”—A Theory of Johannine Composition
  • David I. Yoon, The Question of Aporiai or Cohesion in the Fourth Gospel: A Response to Urban C. von Wahlde
  • Lorne Zelyck, Irenaeus and the Authorship of the Fourth Gospel,

Johannine Anti-Judaism and the Son of Man Sayings

  • Jonathan Numada, The Repetition of History? A Select Survey of Scholarly Understandings of Johannine Anti-Judaism from Baur until the End of the Weimar Republic
  • Panayotis Coutsoumpos, The Origin of the Johannine “Son of Man” Sayings

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