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Why another blog in an already crowded blogosphere? Good question (since you asked). The three contributors here discussed it for some time before we agreed to collaborate on this one. There are a lot of blogs out there that represent the singular positions of their writers. Many of them are much the same—with occasional postings, unhelpful book reviews, and other odd items.

We are going to try to do something different with this blog. We are all New Testament scholars at various points in our careers with a wide-ranging set of interests. We are going to bring our differing perspectives to talking about many of the issues that currently confront New Testament studies and any other areas that reasonably touch upon it. We have no particular set of ideas that we are going to promote, except that we think that our fellow New Testament scholars, as well as other thinkers and writers, could do a lot better than they have been doing in the work that we all undertake. We are going to try to raise the level of the status quo by commending and promoting better scholarship and, on the other side, commenting upon scholarship that we think falls short of what it could and should be. Finally we will also at times note recent publications, including our own of course, that we think are helpful resources that contribute to the study of the New Testament.

We invite you to join us with your comments to our posts. If you do respond, we ask that you provide your real full name (no pseudonyms, please; we are using our real names, so it’s only fair that you use yours), and email address to contact you just in case. We don’t promise to make everyone happy, but we are going to try our best to make you think about the best in New Testament scholarship and areas that are related to it.

— Stanley E. Porter, Hughson T. Ong, and David I. Yoon

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