Commemorating the 200th Birthday of Constantine Tischendorf

This article might have come a bit late for its stated title, but it is nevertheless never late for commemorating the life and work of this important, but perhaps much neglected, scholar who was responsible for providing the primary manuscript basis of the Greek New Testament Bible scholars use today. Less than a month ago, […]

In Memoriam Helmut Koester

It is with regret that we post another tribute to a recently deceased New Testament scholar, Helmut Heinrich Karl Ernst Koester, better known as simply Helmut Koester, who passed away at the beginning of the New Year (see the notice from his church) at the age of 89 years. He was the John H. Morison Research Professor of […]

A Brief Tribute to I. Howard Marshall

We are all deeply saddened to hear of the recent death of one of the great New Testament scholars of the post-World War II era, I. Howard Marshall. Professor Marshall was born 12 January 1934 and died on 12 December 2015. He was primarily educated at the University of Aberdeen (MA, BD, and PhD), along […]